Teaching continues…

I always tell my customers about the three basic principles in jewelry making. This helps simplifying the learning process. #1 Stringing and crimping is your very first basic step Crimp beads Learn how to make a flattened crimp, folded crimp, and folded crimp end to finish your necklace, bracelet, or … Continue reading


When new customers come to the store it is always so scary for them to try their hands at making jewelry.  Our job is to guide them through the process.  First, what do you like the most to wear, necklaces, earrings or bracelets. Then the choice of color.  What do … Continue reading

Christmas Gifts

Why is Christmas so commercial and not about our hearts?  Don’t we have time to just think about the pure happiness of the holiday and forget about the crazy gift race?  So we pick names and the person we “buy” for has suggestions….does that make sense?  So why not just … Continue reading

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