Christmas Gifts

Why is Christmas so commercial and not about our hearts?  Don’t we have time to just think about the pure happiness of the holiday and forget about the crazy gift race?  So we pick names and the person we “buy” for has suggestions….does that make sense?  So why not just buy what we need ourselves?

ok. That is it for my little rant.  Hand made with love means so much.  From food to mittens to a beautiful poem.  When it comes from the heart, there are no price, just love.


Guess what?  In 4 months it will be Christmas!  Ok the yukky feeling is back in my stomach, oh wait, I forgot, we make our own gift, ouf!  Specially when kids buy for their parents or siblings it is a crazy rat race.  Why not make your own.  I appreciated all the hand made stuff way more than the bought stuff.  From home made bread, soup, wind chimes, photographs, etc. I cannot remember anything else.  Weird that way but true.  So let’s think about this yukky feeling and replace it by the excitement of what should we make and start a new tradition this holiday!

Harvest Showcase and Sale

The first Annual Harvest Showcase & Sale is happening at the Rocky Mountain House Arena, September 8 from 10am to 6pm.  Local small businesses will be displaying their goods.  Time to encourage your local artists!

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