What is happening?

Well, summer is almost over and the store is getting back into a routine. We had fun meeting some new people and also visiting with regulars. Now that the kids have gone back to school we are booking parties for ladies groups, team building and pre-Christmas gift making sessions.

Teaching continues…

imageI always tell my customers about the three basic principles in jewelry making. This helps simplifying the learning process.

#1 Stringing and crimping is your very first basic step

Crimp beads
Learn how to make a flattened crimp, folded crimp, and folded crimp end to finish your necklace, bracelet, or other jewelry project.

The hardest for the client is to figure out the pattern, the color scheme and the embellishment if needed. Also important is the type of stringing, wire, elastic or fireline used in the project. As well as not leaving space between the beads using gravity instead of forcing it. Just a few tricks to help them along in their project. Ciao for now!!


When new customers come to the store it is always so scary for them to try their hands at making jewelry.  Our job is to guide them through the process.  First, what do you like the most to wear, necklaces, earrings or bracelets. Then the choice of color.  What do you have in your wardrobe that could use some updating or did you get a new outfit? So many questions but it really helps narrowing it down. Ciao for now!

Bead Soup Party

This is a fun event.  You are match with another beader and send them a focal bead, a clasp and some beads.  When you receive your beads, you take a picture and post it on your blog.  Then on your reveal date you post your creation.  How fun is that!

Slow January

I like January.  Although it is very slow we have tons of things to do.  Reorganize the beads, the jewelry and make list of all the stock that we need. It is also time to create new pieces and that is always fun.  2012 was definitely fabulous but 2013 is going to be super fabulous.

Christmas Gifts

Why is Christmas so commercial and not about our hearts?  Don’t we have time to just think about the pure happiness of the holiday and forget about the crazy gift race?  So we pick names and the person we “buy” for has suggestions….does that make sense?  So why not just buy what we need ourselves?

ok. That is it for my little rant.  Hand made with love means so much.  From food to mittens to a beautiful poem.  When it comes from the heart, there are no price, just love.

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