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We would love to have you in our studio to create your own unique piece of art. We offer beading classes for new and experienced artists. Choose from an endless selection of beads and pendants. Select from hundreds of colors, styles, textures, shapes, themes, sizes, materials, and more. Want to make your own jewelry for yourself or as a gift? We have everything you need and more! Put your own personal touch on that special gift. Receive professional artistic guidance from Lucie of Carlos Little Bead Store.


To Carlos Little Bead Store

At Carlos Little Bead Store located in Leslieville Alberta, we take inspiration for our craft from different cultures around the world. Many of our products have been sourced from countries such as South Africa and Italy! Our beads offer cultural and historical patterns and textures. Each bead has a story to tell! We provide an enormous hand picked selection of beads ranging from a traditional feel to more contemporary feel. 

This store is must see in order to appreciate all it has to offer!

Beads From Around the World

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Murano beads are intricate, handmade glass beads inspired by Vetetian artisans. 



Beautifully created ceramic hand painted beads. 


Real flower jewellery

These stunning beads are made using real flowers from Thailand complete with a resin finish.


Kenya, Africa

Kazuri which means “small and beautiful” accurately describe these beads directly imported from Africa. 


South africa

Inspired by the Ndebele culture and traditional beliefs these beads represent the spirit of the continent. 


Tagua beads

These beautiful beads are created from a palm tree nut located in South America.  Tagua is also used to make jewelry in Ecuador.



Traditional, handmade Tibetian jewelry. Beautiful array of pendants with inlays of turquoise and coral. 




The Bead Mobile

Carlos Little Bead Store is now MOBILE and is coming to your neighborhood with great make and take projects.

Have a venue in mind? We can meet you there! From birthday parties, theme parties, get togethers such as wine and design, surprise parties to showers we can be at your event.

An Alberta Destination

Carlos Little Bead Store where your creative adventure begins!” Beads around the world in one place. Discover the story behind some of the stones!

Bead Soup

Carlos Little Bead Store believes in giving back to the community. We reach charities by warming their souls with our own blend of bead soup!

Choose from thousands of different beads and create a necklace or bracelet of your choice. Carlos Little Bead store hosts these charity events at absolutely no cost. We host at your location. `