Lucie's Story

I am literally bead happy!

I have always had a passion for shoes. It does not matter what shape, size or colour, I just love shoes! For me, shoes are like chocolate is to certain people - pure joy! ...until the day I took my first jewellery class and discovered a new obsession.

In August 2007, I received a call from my sister-in-law Cheryl to assist at a retreat at Bittern Lake (southeast of Edmonton by Camrose). Most of the ladies attending were quilters but there were also a few scrapbookers. I had been taking a few jewellery classes at Michaels and enjoyed working with all kinds of medium. So I packed all my beads and went.

The organizer, Rhonda, had put a placecard on each table with our first name and our craft. Such as Cheryl, Quilter; mine said Lucie Beader. Everyone thought my last name was Beader! Rhonda said if I ever started a jewellery business I should use the name Lucie Beader, which I did — L.B. Creations.

I have made over 1,800 pieces under the L.B. Creations label, and am very thankful for all the encouragement from some of the stores who agreed to put my jewellery on consignment.

In April 2009, I attended the Canadian Bead Oasis Show in Calgary. I was in heaven with all the ladies that were taking classes and talking about beads, tools, findings, etc. On the last day of classes, I started feeling deprived as we did not have any bead or jewellery classes in my area.

The store was my next project. I had so many beads and thought, why not? The Carlos Little Bead Store opened August 8, 2009, and all my dreams have come true.

Although we lost Cheryl tragically in April of 2010, I must give her homage as she was the pillar of encouragement and my go-to person during the opening process. In her memory, you will see some of my pieces include a tree of life as she saved 5 lives by being an organ donor. She inspires me every day!

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